Sherlock Season 4 Has A Release Date In Early 2017

Sherlock fans around the world rejoice! Our favorite consulting criminal and his faithful doctor sidekick will be back on our screens on New Years Day, 2017. There were plenty of rumors about when the next season would come out, some even guessing as late as 2018. Here’s everything we know about Sherlock Season 4 so far.


Like the other three seasons, season 4 will have three episodes. The first will be “The Six Thatchers” followed by the ominously titled “The Dying Detective.” The third and final episode is yet unnamed. The first two episodes are like based on the two stories “The Six Napoleons” and “The Lying Detective,” the latter being an episode with Mycroft and Sherlock together. 

There are rumors that season 4 might be the last one Sherlock will ever have. Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who plays the titular character, told GQ that season felt like the season “was the end of an era” but that they “never say never on the show.” If this is the case, what lies ahead for our favorite resident of 221B Baker Street? Another big and flashy “death” like from the end of Season 2? Or a period of rest after a long and storied career? And what will happen to Watson, Mary, and the soon-to-be third member of their family? Whatever it is, fans will likely be devastated if this is the show’s final hurrah. 

Sherlock Season 4 will premiere on BBC and BBC America, and will run on PBS at a later date. Until then, fans will just have to re-watch the teaser trailer and do a little detective work of their own:

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