Servant X Service Volume 2 Review

51xkbh5ni7l-_sx346_bo1204203200_Title: Servant X Service Volume 2
Author: Karino Takatsu
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 304
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
Publication Date:
June 28, 2016
Office life is definitely a drag, especially if you’re a public servant. However, in volume 2 of SERVANT X SERVICE, the employees grow closer together and manage to make life more interesting. When Lucy agrees to going on a date with Hasebe,
  Chihaya helps her pick out the perfect outfit. Of course, once Lucy picks it out, Chihaya insists on making it herself. The end result leaves Lucy distressed and with no choice but to press on. With hilarious awkwardness, the blossoming romance comes to a stall when the origins of Lucy’s bizarre name surface. Can Hasebe move forward and tell Lucy the truth? There’s problems in paradise between Chihaya and Ichimiya when both of them realize they focus too much of their time on Touko. Can they patch it up?


A lot goes on in this volume and it’s wonderful because the scene transitions are seamless. Each day in the office builds upon the last as the characters grow closer to each other and really embrace adulthood. Chihaya finally gets her way with Lucy’s clothes and even gets her to cosplay! Hasebe gets his wish and wins Lucy over, until a roadblock appears that has him completely silenced. Chihaya and Ichimiya realize their relationship is not progressing and that they also must break the news to Touko
that they’re dating. Unfortunately neither of them have the guts to make a proper confession. By the end of the volume; however, everything works itself out and even Lucy gets to find out who approved the paperwork for her name. It’s a win-win situation with a very cheerful ending for all.


Lucy who was clueless and dimwitted in the first volume continues to be a bit slow on the update; however, she does develop significantly. In an attempt to be a more capable adult, she buys herself nice lingerie and picks up a few cookbooks. It’s as if she is going through a rite of passage in volume 2. Although she is still shy and coy, she is definitely more mature and confident by the end of this volume.

Hasebe finally shakes off the playboy, Romeo image that the office gossip stained him with. He has truly fallen for Lucy and will do anything he can to be with her. It turns out he’s not as social and outgoing as everyone thinks. He’s actually a recluse like Lucy, making this pair an ideal match.

Chihaya has been solid from day 1. She does acknowledge that she has emotional needs her relationship with Ichimiya does not fulfill. At times she feels closer to Touko than with her own boyfriend, which is an obvious problem.

Ichimiya finally realizes he’s not a good boyfriend. His character, like Chihaya’s, has been pretty developed from the beginning. I suppose this could also represent their seniority in the office over newbies like Hasebe and Lucy, who are still growing into their roles. Ichimiya’s only development in this volume comes from acknowledging the state of his romantic relationship.

Final Word

I seriously loved this volume. Everything comes together fairly quickly but when you look at the thickness of the book, it makes sense that so much can happen in a single volume. At this time, I can’t imagine myself growing tired of this series. It’s quirky, funny, and relatable. All of the different personalities you can imagine in a real office are represented in this series. I think everyone knows someone like Hasebe and I feel like there is a little bit of Lucy and Chihaya in all of us. The only thing I don’t understand is how their supervisor is a stuffed bunny. I love it, but I just don’t get it. I’m interested in seeing where that goes. I’m looking forward to following this manga – which pairs really well with its anime counterpart.

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