Rockstar, Please Don’t Play With My Emotions!

Fans of the Red Dead series are crossing their fingers in nervous anticipation hoping that the newest change to Rockstar’s social medias mean what we hope they mean. Earlier today, Rockstar Games swapped to a red logo on Twitter and Facebook along with the loading screen of their website. While the company has not mentioned any specifics, we are all pretty positive we have it figured out from the tweet below. 


That’s right. After the heart breaking finale of Red Dead Redemption six years ago, fans have been begging for the next part of the series. And it may be coming sooner than we think! The Red Dead series has already been in the news lately with the backwards compatibility of Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox One and its predecessor, Red Dead Revolver, becoming available on PS4. Sounds like the perfect time to be announcing a new game, don’t you think?

Despite everyone’s excitement, this is all speculation. I would argue that it’s educated, but speculation none the less. I guess we will all have to wait, somewhat patiently, for Rockstar to release more information on the new project. 

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