Is Rockstar Games Teasing A Red Dead Redemption Sequel Or Remaster?

Previously Rockstar Games released an image with their logo on top of a red background. This immediately made everyone think that the studio was planning something for one of them most infamous titles – Red Dead Redemption. This title went on to sell millions of copies across the  Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Gamers have been asking for a follow-up for years, perhaps now we’re finally getting one?

This is the original image that Rockstar teased us with. As you can see, there’s not really much to go on.A red background, with the Rockstar Games logo on top. Though we can see something going on in the background, we just can’t make out what exactly it is.


Well, today they did it again, this time with an updated image. This one has a bit more “descriptive” qualities to it, one that lets us see that there seven individuals in front of a barren backdrop (complete with the mountain). 

Again, there really isn’t much to go off on, but that won’t stop us from speculating what this could be. Could this be a remaster of Red Dead Redemption? Perhaps this is the fabled Red Dead Redemption 2 that fans of the series have been asking for. Is this going to be console exclusive, will it make its way over to the PC? What’s with the seven silhouettes? We all know that the original title followed the story of one John Marston, so what’s the deal here? I heard a few people mention that this could be a prequel, but I don’t buy that as the prequel was already made – Red Dead Revolver. Yes, RDR is actually a follow-up title from Rockstar Game’s first outing in the Wild West setting.

What do you think? Is this the Red Dead Redemption 2? Or are we looking at a remaster of the original title?