Pokemon GO is Making $2 Million A Day, $460 Million Earned So Far

Even though Pokemon GO is free to play (and free to download), the game still has to make money somehow. This comes from in-game purchases that are totally optional, but can help with catching Pokemon, hatching eggs and even leveling up one’s Pokemon.

With over 500 million people playing the game, you have to wonder how well the game is doing financially. Well, according to a report from Game Industry, it’s not doing bad at all. In fact, at its peak, the game was doing $16 million dollars a day in revenue. Now, it’s doing a steady $2 million a day, which still isn’t too shabby.

Adding to that, it’s been stated that over 700,000 people a day are downloading the game still, which could easily lead to more and more revenue. The game has yet to be launched in Korea and China, which are infamous for their dedication to video games in certain genres. So, that revenue could again spike hugely.

Over its first 80 days, Pokemon GO has earned over $460 million dollars, and you can believe that’s going to keep going for some time.

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Todd Black

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