Pokemon: The First Movie Is Coming Back To Theaters

Nothing quite screams 90s childhood like Pokémon, and there was no release so heavily awaited as 1999’s Pokemon: The First Movie. While it was generally despised by critics, kids everywhere lined up to see their favorite trainers on the big screen. Now, some seventeen years after its theatrical release, this iconic childhood movie will be back in select theaters for a nostalgia trip like no other.


On October 29th and November 1st, Cinemark Theaters will be re-showing the first film in the Pokémon film franchise. Each ticket will cost $5, like they did back in the day, and there are matinee showings on the 29th and evening showings on the 1st. The short “Pikachu’s Vacation” will also play before the feature film, just like back in 1999. Basically, the entire experience is designed to take you back as close to your childhood as possible but without the parental supervision. 

Pokemon’s popularity has been boosted by the popular smartphone game Pokémon Go but the movies have not seen the same level of support in the last few years. In fact, while Pokémon movies continue to play in Japanese movie theaters, most do not get a North American theatrical release. An almost sad fact when you consider that Pokemon: The First Movie made over $160 million dollars at the box office. Still, at least the games remain popular stateside, meaning the franchise will always have some presence in the local market.

If you’ve got a Cinemark theater near you, you can buy tickets for the event here. Some theaters are reporting they are already sold out so buy them as soon as possible. For those in need of a quick refresher, or who just want to relive the excitement by re-watching the trailer over and over again, here is the VHS trailer that premiere in the U.S. nearly two decades ago:


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