Nintendo Switch Presentation Set To Be Hosted In Janurary 2017

While Nintendo has made it clear that they weren’t going to be sharing any more information regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, they’ve already announced when they do plan on sharing more goodies with the world. On January 12th, 2017, Nintendo will be hosting a live-streamed presentation where they plan on announcing the price, the launch date and a look at which games are currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. The exact time of the online presentation will be shared by Nintendo via their social channels (Twitch, Facebook), so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. 

I’m calling it now, the Nintendo Switch is launching at $349.99 with no game. I’d love for it to come in at $299.99, but I don’t see it happening. It definitely can’t be any more than that or They’ll be in PS4 Pro territory and that wouldn’t be a smart choice for the company. Speaking of the games, we already know that there is definitely a Mario and Pokémon title in development from Nintendo, I wonder what else, though. Perhaps a Metroid or even an F-Zero title?

Nintendo showed the world a glimpse of the Nintendo Switch last week, which was met with mixed receptions. Is this the future for Nintendo or is this just Wii 3.0? We’ll find out come January 12th, 2017.