My thoughts of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally released first details of  their upcoming system , formerly the NX, now called the Nintendo Switch . While only just three minutes long, it’s enough to have some knowledge  of what is to come. To summarize it, take it anywhere is the way to go. Whether be on plane or on the court, you can play full fledged console games on the go.

Let’s start with the appearance itself. While you can play it as a normal console, you can detach the controllers on either side to an OLED display and bring with you on the go. The main console unit seems to be a blend of the 3DS with the Wii, giving a sleek and discreet look. When you want to take to on the go, you can put the controls and take it with you without breaking the action.  Perhaps at the cost of resolution for mobility but it appears to maintain steady connection with the unit, though that’s my speculation. What’s also noted is on top of the OLED screen is a card slot similar to a memory card slot, where I assume that this is where the games will be placed. With a built in stand, you can place the display anywhere you want.



Now the games that was displayed in the trailer. They showed off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, a new 3D Mario and possibly the sequel to Splatoon. From what Nintendo learned, they now have many 3rd party support as reported earlier.




Overall, it seems to be a bold new direction with the Nintendo Switch. It’s seems that they are combing everything that applies in this generation of games and turning it into a form that continues to appeal to everyone. There are many question to be asked about the Nintendo Switch, Will it maintain good performance? How much it will cost? and so forth. The answers are most likely there so stay tuned for our next Nintendo Entertainment Podcast for our discussions, thoughts and impressions. All is left to be said: My body is ready.

Nintendo Switch will be released March of 2017.

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