Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Sets Launch Expectations For Nintendo Switch

During its financial briefing, Nintendo CEO and President, Tatsumi Kimishima, shared many insights about the new Nintendo Switch console which was unveiled just a week ago. First off, he confirmed that like previous consoles, the Switch will not be sold at a financial loss; however, he also noted that they are listening to the consumer base to ensure that a fair price is reached.

Second, he revealed that the initial estimates for the Nintendo Switch’s launch month will be around 2 million units shipped. This amount is significantly less than the Nintendo Wii U’s initial shipment. At this point, it’s likely that Nintendo is simply wanting to make sure it not only makes its shipment goals, but also doesn’t overvalue the console, which is what happened with the Wii U.

To be clear, “shipped” does not mean sold, it simply means an amount of product projected to be shipped to given to stores. We suspect that sales expectations/projections won’t be given until we get much closer to its March 2017 release time frame.