Was Hello Games Twitter Hacked Or What?

Earlier, the Hello Games Twitter account, which has been quiet for months on end recently posted a tweet. A very cryptic and confusing tweet that stated that No Man’s Sky was a mistake.


Many, including myself who deemed that the game failed to live up to many expectations, definitely thought it could have been better. But to call it a mistake was something else, especially coming from the development studio’s twitter feed. Shortly afterward, the tweet was deleted and the account was switched to protected mode, so we can’t see any more tweets. It seems that some took this as being an official message who others thought this may have been due to their twitter account being compromised. Others were quick to point out that since it was posted from Linkedin that it had to be official. Sean Murray then updates with two tweets, that only added to the confusion. One claiming that their server was hacked and jokes about binging Mr Robot show episodes. The other was more realistic, claiming that not using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) over at Linkedin was a mistake.  


But what’s going on here? Is this actually coming from Hello Games? Or if there actually is a compromise, is this coming from the person/s who are committing the act? Who’s to tell, since Hello Games has been radio silent since August 2016. Hopefully, we’ll get some confirmation on what exactly is going on and what the status is with No Man’s Sky, if there is any update that is. Or was this the work of a disgruntled worked over at Hello Games or perhaps even a more pissed off fan of the title. We’ll keep digging to find out more and we’ve reached out to Hello Games for confirmation.

Update: Ok, this is getting even more confusing as Sean Murray has posted yet another message, directed towards the Hello Games Twitter. In this tweet he asks if Hello Games is still hacked. What the hell is actually going on here? Are they actually compromised, or is this some elaborate ruse?


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