Google Confirms Pixel Will Ship With Unlocked Bootloader

Since the introduction of their newest flagship, the Pixel, Google has been making some changes to their smartphone lineup that consumers haven’t stopped questioning. It was noted that the non-Verizon Pixels would come with an unlocked bootloader. The question remained, however, would the Pixel be able to be rooted?

Google put all questions to rest when they revealed that the Pixel bought from Google themselves will be able to be rooted. Speaking with WonderHowTo, Google spokesperson Iska Saric stated:

Yes, Pixel owners who purchased the device from the Google store will be able to root their devices.

Pixel phones purchased from the Google store will ship with an unlockable bootloader.

Saric also indicated that much like the Nexus line, rooting Pixels will disable OTA updates, saying that “rooting involves modifying partitions on the phone. If the partitions are modified the OTA will fail to apply.”

It’s good to know that people will be able to root their Pixels, albeit at the expense of getting OTA updates.

Source: WonderHowTo

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