Double Fine Presents’ THOTH is a Strange Arcade Title Available Now

It’s a game that really looks like Pong sometimes, but is definitely not Pong. No, this is THOTH (a very strange word to say). THOTH is the latest Double Fine Presents title, and this one’s created by renowned puzzler, Jeppe Carlsen (LIMBO, Inside). It’s a twin-stick shooter that’s manages to look retro and futuristic at the same time (it’s funny how geometric shapes can pull that off!), and it’s out right now on Steam for PC and Mac.

I’m really intrigued by THOTH, mostly because the trailer paints the game as a simplistically fun challenge, but also manages to seem off-putting enough to draw me in with the weird factor. I like weird. Here’s some words about THOTH according to Double Fine’s blog.

Though it’s deeply rooted in the arcade tradition, THOTH also brings something unique to the table. Each stage in the game is specifically designed to require both puzzle solving and finesse to get through. Players constantly need to think about positioning and timing while making sure to both dodge enemies and avoid collisions.

So, while it looks like a straightforward shooter, apparently players will need to use their brains a little bit to get through the levels. I really like twin-stick shooters and other games that require some intense reflex responses (Resogun remains the only title I’ve received a platinum trophy for). Combine that with Limbo and Inside‘s brain-busters? I’m in.