Carmilla: The Movie Takes The Web Series One Step Further

For those fans who are mourning the end of Carmilla fast approaching on October 13th, there’s some good news. KindaTV has released a trailer for the next stage of the story — Carmilla: The Movie, meaning that the end is not so soon approaching.

The trailer sees Carmilla riding on a motorcycle to her beloved Laura, who is grading on the beach while sipping a tropical drink. When our favorite moody vampire hands her a book of creampuffs, they discover a threatening note inside. The two then run off, noting how trouble always seems to find them (or, really, the other way around). Judging from the grading and from the change in location, the film will take place sometime after the Season 3 finale, after Laura leaves Silas University. If the date at the beginning of the trailer is to be believed, it takes place in 2021.

Those who are dying to get their hands on the film as soon as possible can pre-order it here. There are three different packages to choose from, much like a Kickstarter campaign. The most basic package, the Freshman Viewing Party, is $9.99 USD and includes a download of the movie, a making-of featurette and a sign PDF of the script. For $14.99, the Journalist Package, includes a blooper reel, alternative takes complication, and commentary by the cast. If you’re a dedicated Creampuff, you might want to go with The Original Creampuff package for $20.99 that will also provide a Season 3 download and all the behind the scenes goodies for that on top of everything from the film.


Carmilla: The Movie will come out in 2017, though there’s not set date yet. Until then, there’s always the Season 3 finale to look forward too. Stay strong Creampuffs!

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