5 Spooky Podcasts to Get You In The Halloween Spirit

It’s that time of year again folks; time for pumpkin flavored everything and all thing spooky and creepy.  (Unless you’re anything like me and you enjoy spooky things all year long!) If you want some auditory horror to get you in the mood for the season, check out these horror podcasts! They are in no particular order, and I hope you’ll enjoy them all as much as I do!



The No Sleep Podcast

I had to start with The No Sleep Podcast because it was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, period. This is a weekly horror anthology podcast that features original horror stories from the No Sleep Reddit thread. While you can listen for free to shortened episodes; you can also purchase a season pass to hear the full episodes. I look forward to their Halloween special every year, and their older PenPal series will seriously freak you out!




So, I first heard of Lore from the No Sleep Podcast, and that quickly triggered an obsession. I tore through the archive of episodes, and now patiently (somewhat) wait for new episodes every other week. Lore focuses on bizarre or creepy stories from the past providing real life horror stories. This podcast quickly exploded in popularity, and Aaron Mahnke is now working on a television show based on his award-winning podcast. If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor: subscribe to Lore and listen to Aaron Mahnke’s glorious voice. (Seriously, it’s amazing)



Astonishing Legends

I won’t even lie, this podcast is my current obsession. Much like Lore, I tore through the back log of Astonishing Legends episodes. Scott and Forest do a stellar job of balancing interviews and history, but they all have one theme: Strange and Unusual. I have learned so much from listening to this podcast, and they are really good about looking at a topic from all angles. This podcast covers everything from Amelia Earhart to Dyatlov’s Pass,  and it’s something you won’t want to miss! 



Archive 81

This pseudo-documentary is creepily fabulous. In Archive 81our main character has gone missing after doing an archiving project for the government. While doing his work, he comes across something….unnatural. His best friend, Mark, is using the podcast to spread the word about the disappearance and continues to look for any new information. The voice acting is just phenomenal, and it’s really easy to forget that it’s just a story. The podcast is only one season; so go check it out! 



Sword and Scale

Anyone who is tired of waiting for a new season of Serial needs to check out Sword and Scale. This true crime podcast focuses on all sorts of different cases, and the very first episode on Bruce Blackman will leave you horrified. The stories are told through interviews, court testimonies, 911 calls, and news pieces which provide an interesting experience. 


I hope you enjoy these spooky podcasts! If you need a break from the ghoulish and bizarre, check out all our podcasts here at The OuterHaven! 


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