Super Mario Maker Coming to 3DS December 2nd

Super Mario Maker, one of Nintendo’s greatest Wii U success stories, is taking its talents to the 3DS this holiday season. Super Mario Maker will be available to 3DS owners on December 2nd, complete with nearly every creation tool found in the Wii U version.

The Wii U smash hit Super Mario Maker heads to 3DS this December

The only item that won’t be in the 3DS version is the mystery mushroom that changes Mario into Nintendo characters. Aside from that, the game’s creation kit is unchanged. 

Super Mario Maker for 3DS comes with 100 courses made by Nintendo, and each boasts new medal challenges. These challenges seem pretty straight-forward, as medals for getting every coin or defeating every enemy were used as examples.

While the Wii U version emphasized building an online community, the 3DS version is focusing on local play. Because of this, the primary way to share courses is via Streetpass and through local wireless. It seems like there will be no way to upload your courses online, however.

Mario Maker 3DS

Most stages from the Wii U version will be compatible with the 3DS as well. Since the mystery mushroom has been removed from the 3DS version, stages including it probably won’t be playable on the go.

Players looking to consume rather than create can still enjoy the 100 Mario Challenge or search for stages online. Players will be able to play top rated courses by searching for them, but unfortunately will not be able to look up courses by course ID. The focus really is all on local play, which should work well for some and simply frustrate others. 

One cool new feature of the game is the ability to share incomplete courses with your friends. You can work on courses together this way, and the finished course will be marked as a collaboration.

Whether Super Mario Maker for 3DS is a worthy investment for Wii U owners remains to be seen. Although the 3DS version is certainly a welcomed sight, it seems like the Wii U version is the definitive edition. We loved the original Super Mario Maker, giving it a 9.3 in our review.