Super Mario Run

Shigeru Miyamoto Doesn’t See Nintendo Being Big In VR

The evolution of technology naturally evolves games. From cartridges to digital downloads, and from 8 bit to 1080p and 4k, video games evolve. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to get on board with said evolution.

With both Sony and Microsoft getting big into Virtual Reality games, even going so far as to each developing their own version of a VR headset, Nintendo is strangely not jumping in. They are however doing more mobile titles, even unveiling Super Mario Run at the Apple Event the other day. When asked by USA Today about Nintendo’s potential move to VR, and the possibility of Mario leading the way for that, legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto has this to say:

“I would agree that adapting Mario to new platforms is a key to keeping him relevant,” Miyamoto told USA Today. “But we want families to play together, and virtual reality (which requires players to be closed off from the real world) doesn’t really fit well there. We also like people playing for a long time, and it’s hard to do that in VR.”

It’s true that VR at present has limitations, and though many see plenty of options for Nintendo in VR (even if Nintendo itself doesn’t believe in its potential), Nintendo won’t go to it.

We’ll see what the future holds as time goes on. No doubt the NX will be a big clue as to what Nintendo’s future plans are.