Pokemon Go Streamer robbed during a live stream

I don’t know how many times this has been said, but it seems no one is playing attention and are acting without common sense. Sadly, yet another Pokemon GO player has met with some misfortune and during a live stream no less. Twitch streamer, Rickeybot, was steaming Pokemon Go when he was attacked and robbed. Thankfully he’s ok, though a bit shook up by the ordeal. The idiot who robbed him did manage to get away with his phone but his face was captured on the stream. Hopefully, this means it’s only a matter of time before he’s apprehended. It also seems that the person who robbed him has done this before or at least knows enough to reset the phone back to factory settings and stop the phone from being traced. If anyone knows this person, please be sure to report him to the police.

Checking onRickeybot‘s channel, it seems Twitch has banned it. I guess the fact that he was being robbed on live stream violated their terms of service. Are you being serious right now, Twitch? We’ve reached out to Twitch to find out why exactly the channel was closed.

This is yet another lesson for those who think that going out to play the game, especially at night. You are a target, you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings and people know this. Another scary thought also popped into my head during this as well. What if the person who robbed him was a viewer? You’re telling people where you are during the stream, it’s the perfect chance, sadly. Why would you have your phone out at night, in Central Park of all places?

Be safe out there, Pokemon Go players. Always stay alert and try not to go out at night. If you have too, don’t go by yourself, use the buddy system. No damned digital character is worth getting hurt over or worse.

Get better soon, Rickeybot

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