Please Send My Voice to Andromeda, BioWare

In case you missed it, BioWare initiated a pretty rad contest today. What’s the prize? Only your beautiful voice in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda! That’s right, lovers of the series can read some lines posted on BioWare’s blog and potentially win a trip to a BioWare recording studio to do some voice work on an actual in-game character. Pretty awesome, right?


Like I said, the contest started today, but submissions will be accepted through September 28, so you’ve got some time to work on your dramatic “Tough Mercenary” voice. After that, some BioWare employees will judge the submissions for how well the voice fits the “Mass Effect style.”

There are scripts for two different characters that people can audition for, but if you read some of the fine print, it says that multiple submissions (basically people sending in a bunch of tracks in order to have a better chance at winning) will be voided. I’m not sure how to approach submitting something for each character and still be safe, so doing both on the same file would be your best bet. 

As someone who fancies themselves both a Mass Effect fan and a man of many voices, I’ll be sending my submission in very soon. So, when you’re hanging out on Andromeda next year, keep your ears open for me, “Jordan Tate, freelance vidmaker.

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