For the past few months, Nvidia has been beta testing an updated version of the Nvidia GeForce Experience. The old experience definitely needed some work as it was boring, and it didn’t run so well at times. I can’t tell you how many times it ended up crashing or bogging down my PC. Enter the new Nvidia GeForce Experience or GeForce Experience 3.0 as it is being called and it’s fantastic.

I’ve used the updated version for a while and I while still have some mixed feelings regarding it, it is definitely an improvement.  I like how the games are presented now as Game optimization is faster and it seems like more games were added to the catalog, as games that weren’t recognized on the old version, have been seen by the newer version.yet it does use a bit more resources in the new version. They also did a great job with enhancing the recording / streaming functions with this new experience update. Dare I say it removes the need to use another 3rd party application. Lastly, the entire presentation of the interface is definitely sleeker and gives off that more organized vibe. 


Now with all the enhancements, there is a downside. It does require an account either via Nvidia or Google, in order to use the software. I know a lot of PC gamers are opposed to this, however, unless you download the drivers via the Nvidia website and install them manually, this is the only way to do it now. Now I know that’s splitting hairs, but sadly we don’t always see eye to eye when changes are made that force us to login, where originally that wasn’t a requirement.

Despite that, I’m really enjoying the updated Nvidia Experience 3.0 and I’m sure that once you get a sample of it, you just might enjoy it as well. That is if you’re rocking a Nvidia based video card.

Download the new GeForce Experience here or upgrade it via your current GeForce Experience installation.

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