They say that fans will only buy what they want, if that’s the case, then fans REALLY don’t want Metroid Prime: Federation Force.
Kotaku translated sales numbers from Famitsu to find out that the game only sold 4,286 copies in its first week. And while that did allow it to come in No.20 on the sales charts, the other new releases for the week did many times better than it.

As sad as it sounds, this cannot come as a surprise, as fans have protested Metroid Prime: Federation Force since its inception. Fans gave it a terrible rating on its debut Youtube trailer, and have been blasting it ever since. Primarily for it lack of series main character Samus Aran, choosing instead to focus on the Federation that she sometimes allies herself with and used to work for.

Needless to say, things don’t look good for a sequel Federation Force. But hopefully, this failure will lead to the return of the true Metroid series in the future. Possibly even for the NX.

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