Indie Spotlight: Vulpine

So You’re A Fox With A Sword

Yes, you read that right. Clockwork Giant Games’ Vulpine is an open-world survival game where you play as well-armed animals. You can spend your time exploring the vast environments, hunting and gathering resources, or discovering lost civilizations. It’s not all bunnies and axes though, fierce enemies and challenging dungeons stand between you and a peaceful realm. Not a fan of foxes? That’s fine. You can play as bears, bunnies, and other animals. It is also possible to unlock more animals as you explore. The animals are divided into different classes (small, medium, large) and each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Along with animal classes, there are three main weapons classes: sword, hammer, and spear. 

This game can be enjoyed alone or with your “pack” of online friends. If you don’t feel like exploring, you can “mark your territory” and build a home there. This home, or den, is where you will be able to craft and store items in a safe place. It really seems like the possibilities are endless in this bright, polygon-filled gem.






Introducing Clockwork Giant Games! 

Josiah and Isaac are a two brother team, along with composer Tyler Shaw, that make up Clockwork Giant GamesVulpine is the continuation of Vulpine 101, a game jam project inspired by Tokyo JungleWhile this is Clockwork Giant Games first full game, they have competed in many game jams and Isaac has done some work in educational gaming. They decided to make Vulpine their full-time project in December of 2015.

Luckily, the community has responded really well to the brothers and their project. They already have 315 backers for their Kickstarter with more fans backing the project every day! 

We think that the community has responded pretty well to Vulpine. People seem pretty enthusiastic for something so quirky. We’ve received a lot of supportive comments, and fanart. In general, it seems you’re either totally on board with the idea of animals with weapons, or you’re not.

Final Thoughts

Give me one good reason as to why you wouldn’t want to play as an adorable critter wielding a dangerous weapon? Exactly! Not only does the game have a fun concept; its quirky, bright, low poly style works perfectly with what the game is. I will be eagerly awaiting the expected release of this charming game in July 2017. They still have some time left on their Kickstarter with some pretty cool rewards, so go check it out!