Hello, my name is Keith Mitchell and I’m a former old Quake gamer. I’ve played in multiple LAN events, competed in several organizations and enjoyed my time in the spotlight. Of course, nothing lasts forever and I jumped from Quake to Unreal Tournament, a competitor of Quake and just as fun FPS game. Now, I still jump on Quake Live from time to time, just to keep the rust off, so imagine my surprise when id Software and Bethesda announced Quake Champions at E3 2016.

I’m really pumped up for this game, as I’m sure many fans of Quake and the FPS genre are. And now, during the start of Quake Con, a new trailer for the game has been released. So I figured why not just nail down several bits of info that we know about. There’s not much as id Software is being pretty hush on the development, but the news will get leaked, sooner or later.

What we know about Quake Champions

  • Built on the idTech6 game engine, not idTech5.
  • Supports 120MHz monitors.
  • Will have an unlocked framerate
  • Is a PC only title (Consoles haven’t been ruled out though).
  • Will be entering a closed beta with a few champions available to try out in 2017. Said beta is supposed to run for a long time.
  • Is NOT an MOBA.
  • Will be twitchy and extremely high paced.
  • id Software is working with several pro Quake players to make this an optimal experience.
  • Several player skins will make a return. So far, Ranger (Quake 1) and Visor (Quake 3) have been shown off.
  • Each player will get a unique powerup. For example, Range has the Dire Orb (remember that?) and Visor essentially has a wall-hack ability.
  • Will not include a true single player campaign like Quake 1. Instead, you’ll face off against bots.
  • Doesn’t appear to have weapon spawns throughout the map. Mind you, this was an observation from the trailer, but it’s something to ponder.

Well, that’s it for now. More than willing to bet that before Quake Con 2016 is over, we’ll have more info to talk about. So until then, why not check out the new trailer for Quake Champions and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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