5pb. Games, the developer behind the Steins;Gate visual novel, released a video on Friday that states the popular time traveling science fiction game will be coming to Steam in North America this September!  The exact release date is September 9, but not U.S. time, but rather when it turns September 9 in Japan, which is kind of odd given the fact that it is an English U.S. release.  Japan is 13 hours ahead of the U.S. so that means when it hits September 9 in Japan (which is a Friday), it will be 11 AM on Thursday, September 8 for us. 

5pb. Games has opened an official English website for the game. Steam’s website for the game lists a September release date, and it is also streaming the same video as 5pb.  MAGES is teaming with 5pb. to bring Steins;Gate to iOS devices next month as well.

The game debuted in Japan for the Xbox 360 in 2009, and on the PC in 2010. The game received a PlayStation Portable and an iOS version in Japan in 2011, a PlayStation 3 version in 2012, and a PlayStation Vita version in 2013. JAST USA released the game in English on the PC in 2014, and PQube released the English version on PS3 and PS Vita in August 2015. The Steins;Gate 0 sequel game shipped for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Japan in December. The rebroadcast of theSteins;Gate television anime took an alternate route towards the Steins;Gate 0 story in December. The game shipped for PC in Japan on June 24, and PQube will release the game in English in North America and Europe on PS4 and PS Vita this year.

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