Update: Since this went live, we have been able to confirm that the 2-step verification is indeed live. We’ve provided screenshots below that show the entire process of adding the verification to your PlayStation Network account.

It’s no secret that Sony, or more specifically, PlayStation Network Users, have been very prone to account compromises over the past few years. Even now, it’s frequent to see threads or posts pop up claiming that someone’s account was compromised, all which involve money being used on games or items. The sad part about this is if you try to cancel those charges or chargeback, Sony tends to ban the account for one reason or another. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if Sony would step up its security. 

Fans of the PSN service have been asking for two-factor verification for a while, but why hasn’t it been added yet? 

Well, if this next bit of info is legit, that actually may be coming soon than we think. Over at Reddit, there have been several posts that claim Sony is adding the often requested 2-step verification. From what I’m understanding, it is being rolled out on a limited basis as a test, currently in New Zealand and Australia. Afterwards, it will be rolled out to other regions. Users will need to provide a mobile number on their account and anytime a PSN login is detected, either on PS4 or PC, it will send an SMS message with a verification code. This only applies for the PS4 and PC, older devices from what I’m understanding won’t have this ability. Instead, they will use what is being coined as “device codes”.

If this is indeed legit, this would be a huge step for Sony. No one likes to log onto their account only to see that someone has charged hundreds of dollars on games or worse, not being able to log onto their account at all.

Update: We’ve confirmed that this is live as of now in New Zealand and Australia! Screenshots below.

Original Source: Reddit

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