Retro Arcade Shooter Huntdown on Square Enix Collective

The Square Enix Collective features some really great in-development games from time to time, and one that’s recently caught our eye is Huntdown. It’s a retro side-scrolling arcade shooter putting players in the role of one of three bounty hunters trying to bring down street gangs who are plaguing the city. The game looks very good, especially so early in its development, so we’re hoping that it has a successful development ahead. Huntdown is currently in development for consoles, and computers, as well as being “prepared for mobile devices.”


Huntdown, currently in development by Tommy Gustafsson and Andreas Rehnberg (who are operating under the temporary name ‘Huntdown HB’ for now), is about hunting down three deadly street gangs in order to collect the bounty set on the gang leaders’ heads. Players will utilize an arsenal of weapons and use environmental cover wisely as they infiltrate each gangs’ territory. Check out the trailer below.

Here’s how the developers are describing on the Square Enix Collective page.

“Choose from 3 different bounty hunters in this classic single-player arcade setup. Run, jump and take cover in a futuristic city environment. Haul bullets at your enemies with a great variety of guns.

Keep your cool while planning your advancement as objects around you shatter into pieces from explosions and bullets that whistle over your head. Kill the minions, then go after their leaders. Collect your bounty.
Make a healthy living – by making living unhealthy.”

As you can see below, it looks like there will be no shortage of levels to shoot your way through, and no shortage of guns to accomplish this with. 



For anyone who doesn’t know what the Square Enix Collective is, it’s a great platform for indie game developers to get their current projects some coverage and feedback before launching or going into crowdfunding. Personally, I’ve backed a few games that have come out of the Collective, like Moonlighter, which I can’t wait to play. Huntdown is another game that’s looking pretty great, and since I’ve currently been going back and playing a lot of older games myself, this is hitting that retro nerve in the right way at the right time. I could definitely see backing this project when it goes live.



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