Character Ability Trailer, New Character Revealed, Playable Phoenix Wright: AA6 Demo August 25th

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice has been on the minds of Ace Attorney fans for the majority of the Summer, and now we have a release date! The newest entry to the Ace Attorney series releases on September 8th, just in time for the opening of New York City schools!

If you want to play a little bit earlier, because you can’t wait, Capcom has also announced that the Spirit of Justice demo will be coming on August 25th, a full two weeks before retail release.

The trailer, posted by Capcom earlier today, shows off the abilities of five of the major characters in the series, including the new Divination Seance, the trademark of Rayfa Padma Khura’in, and the returning Ema Skye’s forensic kit.

Speaking of Ema Skye…


Ema Skye is back for the first time since Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Ema Skye, the forensics student that we were introduced to back in 2004 in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney‘s DS exclusive case, Rise from the Ashes is now a Forensic Investigator after finally passing the forensics certification exams. Now she’s ready to help Apollo Justice investigate a case involving his half-sister, Trucy Wright…


Apollo’s half-sister and Nick’s adoptive daughter, Trucy Wright is the defendant in a murder case this time around.

who even without the Troupe Gramarye, has developed her magic skills (and her magic panties,) and is performing her first stage show, when she gets arrested in the midst of her co-performer, Mr. Reus’ death. However, there’s another little caveat that…or who…may break the case…


Bonny de Famme, one of Trucy’s biggest fans and a rookie magician, helps Trucy with her stage debut, and also co-stars in her show. She’ll do anything for Trucy…however what will happen when she’s called to the bench?

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