Earlier today (around 8:00 PM EST), Blizzard reported via Twitter that their BattleNet services had been crippled due to a DDoS attack. This came after a large amount of complaints regarding login issues in games such as Overwatch. The company quickly established a thread where updates on this occurrence can be monitored. They have also assured players on said thread that no player or account information, including character data, is at risk.

Overwatch is one of many games affected by the attack. It would seem all games utilizing BattleNet services, ranging from StarCraft 2 to World of Warcraft, have seen login and disconnect issues. Blizzard has only said that they are continuing to monitor and address the attack. However, the PoodleCorp hacking group has supposedly taken responsibility via Twitter.

Even more disappointing, it was only hours ago that Blizzard announced that Overwatch would begin the “Summer Games”. Not only will the game feature new skins and cosmetic items in commemoration of the Rio Olympic Games, but it will introduce “Lucioball” as the new Brawl mode. The best summation one could give would be Rocket League, with a bunch of Lucios skating around.   

Unfortunately, no justice will rain from above on this night. Stay tuned to the Outerhaven for more.

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