Nintendo has a sweet Super Mario 3D Land 3DS bundle for $149.99

Are you looking to pick up a Nintendo 3DS or perhaps looking to do some early Christmas shopping? Well, either way, this deal that Nintendo has just announced should be on the top of your list. For just $149, you can score a Nintendo 3DS, a couple of Super Mario 3D Land and 2 cover plates. 

There’s a catch, however, as this bundle is exclusive to Walmart and Target. You won’t find them at any other stores, though if you want too long, the only place you’ll this bundle is Ebay. Also, if you go to Walmart, they do have a bundle similar to this from earlier this year / last year, but it does not include the cover plates and costs $200. Don’t get that one!

No word if this is a limited time deal, so if were looking to make the jump, there’s no better time than now!