Now more than a few hours ago, I reported earlier that Metroid Database, a popular Metroid fan site was sent a DMCA request by Nintendo. They were assisting with hosting the Metroid 2 Remake. Since then, things have made a turn for the worst.  While Nintendo was not then, at least publically, going after the remake they definitely are now.

Nintendo has effectively removed every link that was hosted on the Metroid 2 Remake website, including the torrent. As of now, unless you had already downloaded the file or the creators make it available via other means, this game is dead. It was pretty much, you get a takedown notice and you get a takedown notice. It’s a damned shame as the remake is fun and while I don’t normally encourage this type of behavior, but if you can get your hands on it, then do so.

Now, before you get all up in arms about this, Nintendo is well within their rights. As I mentioned before, they are merely protecting their IP. Sure, the fact that they’ve ignored it and the fans for what seems like an eternity isn’t fair either. I hear you, but this is Nintendo. Unlike other companies who typically encourage this, Nintendo doesn’t fool around, at all.

Sorry, Metroid, that this had to happen. Especially right after your birthday.

am2r-takedown-01 am2r-takedown-02 am2r-takedown-03

At least there’s still Metroid Prime: Federation Force, right? Yeah, I know……..

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