Slooty was streaming live from Gamescom 2016 in Germany and Ian Hazzikostas, also known as Watcher, stopped by and gave us some information about the upcoming World of Warcraft Legion content that is sure to please many.

The first is that Karazhan will be returning as a 5 player epic dungeon.  While it is a 5 player dungeon, Ian described it more as a raid-style encounter with nine brand new bosses.  Ian also stressed that the old Karazhan will still be available to anyone who wishes to run it.  Ian did not divulge what part of Karazhan we will be exploring or what the bosses will be, but many have been asking for the Karazhan Crypts for a long time.  Perhaps Blizzard is finally listening to us?  Time will tell.

Ian also announced that there will be a third raid in Legion which will take place between The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold.  It will be a mini raid in the similar style to an Eye of Eternity or Vault or Ruby Sanctum and is meant to be the end point for one of Legion’s storylines. 

Ian stated that raid tiers are looking to last around 4-5 months this time around and the question of repeating their mistakes came up.  The mistakes being having a massive content drought between the final patch of an expansion and the beginning of a new expansion. Ian has assured us that the Blizzard team has learned from this and have been working very hard to rectify it this time around.  They said that they have plenty of content patches in store for players this time around.

Ian did stress that while content droughts are frowned upon, the Blizzard team will never rush an expansion for the sake of putting content out. They are committed to delivering polished, high-quality content and want to continue to do so, but at the same time, they realize they need to do more to make sure there is no drought. This is why Legion will have more patches than any previous expansion to date.

The Return to Karazhan patch will be Patch 7.1 and to show Blizzard is serious about this, Patch 7.1 will be on the PTR right after Legion launches on August 30th.  Credit for the screenshots goes to

Karazhan Screenshots

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