New “Luke Cage” Scene Shows Off The Cool, Collected Hero

After the success of Jessica Jones last year, Netflix has gone full speed ahead with the other two solo seasons for it’s team-up show The Defenders. While Marvel’s Iron Fist won’t hit the streaming service until 2017, Luke Cage will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon. As such, Netflix has whet our appetite with an extended scene from the teaser:

The clip shows Luke Cage looking for someone in a boxing gym, when he is set upon by several thugs trying to take him down physically to no avail. The remaining bad guys attempt to shoot Cage but to no avail, as he has indestructible skin. After a sharp quip about wardrobe malfunctions, Cage nonchalantly steps forward to take care of business. If Netflix wanted to take the opportunity to let fans know that Luke Cage was going to be every bit the thrilling action series Daredevil and Jessica Jones were, they succeeded.

While Jessica Jones was all about the neo-noir look and feel, Luke Cage appears more in the style of  1970’s blacksploitation movies, with a jazzy soundtrack, heavy shadows, and cool and calm protagonist. Mike Colter plays the title character, a man who is virtually indestructible and inhumanly strong after he is subjected to experimentation. There’s little detail on what the plot of the show will be, but Rosario Dawson’s nurse Claire Temple is set to make an appearance, and our villain for the season will be Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, a crime boss who may be looking to use Cage, played by Mahershala Ali.

The show will take place during and after the Jessica Jones timeline, but there’s no word yet as to whether or not any characters from that show will make an appearance in this one, or if any of the conflict between the two will be resolved before The Defenders. If you’re looking to get further hyped for the show, you can watch the full trailer here.

Luke Cage Season 1 will be available to view in the U.S. on September 30th. 

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