Blizzard’s “The Last Bastion” animated short is live

The eagerly awaiting animated short for Overwatch has been released. Featuring that lovely turret that loves to mow everyone down, this animated short sheds some light into how Bastion evolved into the character he is today. 

Pretty sure that after watching this animated short that everyone will be a better understanding of the Iron Giant, or perhaps a bit more tolerance of him. That is unless he’s posted in a corner and blasting the heck out of you and your team.  Nah, screw that. I still dislike that guy… but this animated short is so cute…..

Oh, Bastion. Why must you make me so conflicted?

Lastly, for those wondering who “Yvain Gnabro” is, who this video is dedicated to. He was an animator who worked at Blizzard, who tragically passed away recently due to a motorcycle accident.

Fans of Blizzard will know that it’s not uncommon for the company to honor the fallen, regardless if they were an employee, a famous actor or even a random person out in the world.