Bethesda Open To Making Games For Nintendo NX

Every console or handheld needs to have a lot of things to be successful. Arguably one of the most important things is third-party support. It’s one thing for the publisher itself to make games, but if you can have fellow developers want to make great games for your console? You are doing something right.

Third-party support has been one of the problems plaguing Nintendo consoles in recent generations. The Wii U and Gamecube were great examples of this. With the NX though, Nintendo is aiming to go big and get third-party developers on their side. One of which may be Bethesda.

Vice President of Bethesda Pete Hines has stated to IGN that they are talking with Nintendo about potential bringing titles to the NX. Though he notes, there is nothing definite. Rather, they are exploring a possibility.

“Obviously, we haven’t put anything out there [definitively about the NX],” Hines said. “It’s absolutely something that we’re looking into and we’ll see what comes of it.”

He went on to note that Bethesda is looking at both the specs of the NX, as well as what Nintendo may want from them.  All these factors will go into any final decisions about the console and the chance of them making games for it.

“The NX is absolutely on our radar and something that we’re looking at, but it’s always a game-by-game, developer-by-developer evaluation,” Hines said. “Not, we sit back as a publisher and say, ‘We’re going to support the NX.”

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