Twitch Is Finally Rolling out Their HTML5 Player

Making due on their promise, Twitch has finally started rolling out their HTML5 player. While this is still in beta, Twitch is initially letting Twitch Turbo subscribers to be the first one’s test out and provide feedback for the newly released player. If you aren’t a subscriber, not to worry as the player will rolling out to non-paying customers shortly. 

To implement the HTML5 player, head on over to your Twitch channel and click the gear on the bottom. There will be an to option to enable the HTMl5 player, just toggle it and you’re done.


And seeing how I’m a Twitch Turbo subscriber, I’ve already gone ahead and enabled the player. First thoughts so far are that I’m definitely seeing a huge drop in skipped frames, which is positive. Previously I would see a massive amount of skipped frames, thankfully this will be a thing of the past if this is any indication.  Well, that and if you use Google Chrome, then the days of Flash are numbered as Google will be blocking Flash in the near future.

Are you a Twitch Turbo subscriber? If so, are you going to enable the beta and if you already have, what do you think of it?

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