Terry Crews Joins the PCMASTERRACE

It’s always seeing people getting involved in gaming, regardless of what platform. However, it is nice to see new members of the PCMASTERRACE getting involved as well. So let me one of the many to invite Terry Crews over to the dark side and yes, we do have many types of cookies.

And he’s already got a good start. He’s got a nice case with the NZXT Phantom, EVGA SuperNova PSU, Nvidia GTX 1080, Corsair H10oi v2 and much more. He’s also quick to point out that he isn’t sponsored in any way and that he’s picked up all the parts.  But more importantly, Terry says he’s also going this to get closer with his son and getting some quality gaming time. As a father, I definitely cosign with that.


Enjoy yourself, Terry, you’re gonna love it. Also, make sure you and your son get hooked on some Overwatch as well. Be sure to check out the video of Terry talking about the parts he picked up and why he did it over at this Facebook page. And he’s welcoming everyone to comment and help him on his new PC gaming journey.

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Keith Mitchell
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