Sonic Mania Gameplay Footage Surfaces on Youtube

Looks like we’re in the midst of a Sonic revolution, as interest in SEGA’s hedgehog with an attitude is at an all-time high. Ever since Sonic Mania was announced during the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, everyone has found a renewed interest with Sonic the Hedgehog and for good reasons. This may very well be the Sonic game we’ve not only been asking for but deserve. Sadly the official release is a year awhile from now. Though, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get hyped up from the short but sweet gameplay from SDCC 2016.

We’ll update the videos as we find more Sonic Mania, but for now, enjoy the videos below. And here’s to hoping that Sonic Mania will also make an appearance at New York Comic Con 2016!

Is Sonic the Hedgehog back? Well, not exactly, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.