The Outerhaven Podcast Episode 120 – Successes and Failures

119 episodes are in the books as the Outerhaven Podcast touches down for the 120th time! New details concerning the Nintendo NX and well, there’s some opinions about this new seemingly hybrid console between the members of the Outerhaven team. Will this be Nintendo’s last hurrah as a gaming hardware company? Is this the right way to approach things from a creative standpoint?

Host: Clinton Bowman (@NavigatorBowman); Joshua Piedra (@TheAnimePulse); Keith Mitchell (@Keithdmitchell)
Guest: Jason Kwasnicki (@solidkwas)


Outerhaven Podcast Feature Discussion:
Nintendo NX Leaks and The Future of Nintendo Gaming

Outerhaven Shoutouts of the Week:

  • CosplayNYC, Inc
    • CosplayNYC is a Brooklyn, NY based cosplay magazine. Started in 2011 by Jason Linetsky and Sereene Brown Henry, CosplayNYC began as a NYC cosplay showcase. Over the past 5 years it has expanded leaps and bounds to cover cosplay and cosplayers from all walks of life. CosplayNYC, Inc also partners with New York’s International Cosplay Day in Central Park every August, as well as their covering events around the 5 boroughs.
    • SIXTHREEONE is a Quogue, NY based video game club music producer. Having made music for over a decade now, he has experimented with Baltimore Club, Jersey Club and various other types of club music, eventually blending his love of video games into his love of club music. His newest EP, The Myers Touch 5, debuts this Tuesday on his Bandcamp page.

Song of the Night:
Professor Sycamore’s Theme from Pokemon X/Y (SIXTHREEONE remix)


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