One-Punch Man Coming to Toonami

One’s One-Punch Man viral web manga was adapted into a hit anime series last year by Madhouse and now that series will be finding its way to Cartoon Network’s Toonami anime block! The announcement was made during Anime Expo in Los Angeles and the anime will be debuting a lot sooner than you think!  One-Punch Man is slated to debut at midnight on July 16!

The English cast of the show was revealed at Anime Expo, with Max Mittelman playing the titular one punch man, Saitama. He is joined by Zach Aguilar (Genos), Erik Scott Kimerer (Speed O’Sound Sonic) and Robbie Daymond (Mumen Rider).

Official Toonami Trailer for One-Punch Man

The story for One-Punch Man is as follows:

The seemingly ordinary and unimpressive Saitama has a rather unique hobby: being a hero. In order to pursue his childhood dream, he trained relentlessly for three years—and lost all of his hair in the process. Now, Saitama is incredibly powerful, so much so that no enemy is able to defeat him in battle. In fact, all it takes to defeat evildoers with just one punch has led to an unexpected problem—he is no longer able to enjoy the thrill of battling and has become quite bored.

This all changes with the arrival of Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, who wishes to be Saitama’s disciple after seeing what he is capable of. Genos proposes that the two join the Hero Association in order to become certified heroes that will be recognized for their positive contributions to society, and Saitama, shocked that no one knows who he is, quickly agrees. And thus begins the story of One Punch Man, an action-comedy that follows an eccentric individual who longs to fight strong enemies that can hopefully give him the excitement he once felt and just maybe, he’ll become popular in the process.

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