Back during 2015, it was mentioned and then later provided that Nvidia has mismarketed the GTX 970 GPU. According to Nvidia, the GTX 970 GPU included 4GB of VRAM, which while was still technically correct, it was not a true 4GB GPU. Instead, the company used a 3.5GB + an additional 512MB memory chip. This is why the GPU encountered issues when running games at higher settings or running the 1440p resolution. On top of that, the claims were that the GTX 970 also was packing 64 render output processors but instead only offered 56. Due to the advertisement scams, things got out of hand pretty quickly.

While the GPU was a cheap yet viable solution, consumers sued Nvidia due to their practices and rightful so. The claims stated that Nvidia engaged in false advertising, deceptive business practice, unlawful is practices and violated California’s business law for unfair business practices. Some pretty nasty allegations, all of which turned out to be true.

Well, the end of that suit has neared and Nvidia has agreed to pay $30 per each GTX 970 that was sold, on top of the attorney fees, which comes out to the tune of $1.3 million dollars. There will be no cap on how much will be paid out either, meaning if you owned ten GTX 970’s, then you would then be paid $30 per each card. No questions asked, no hassle included. 

As of the ruling, there hasn’t been any mention on when or how those affected will be able to collect their $30 from Nvidia, so expect that news to come soon. This information was brought to light by, so be sure to keep taps on this story by heading to

Looks like I’ll be receiving $90 due to this, better go get my receipts and have them at the ready. Though, all jokes aside, I think what Nvidia did was rotten. I can’t understand why a company, who many respect and have high praises for, resorted to this tactic and the tried to hide it. I’m glad in the end they were called out for it and they are paying for it. That said, I still do buy Nvidia products, due to many of their GPU’s being vastly superior to their counterparts. And no, I’m definitely not a fanboy as I also own a RX 480 and am looking forward to the RX 490 as well…. That Vulkan performance is uncanny!

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