Naruto Gets an MMORPG Here in the U.S.

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise has certainly been prolonged after its end with a movie and a manga series about Naruto’s son Boruto.  Video game-wise, the series is still continuing to pump out titles.  The latest edition is a Naruto MMORPG!

The title is being published by Oasis Games; who is known for smartphone apps.  Despite their history, this will not be a mobile game, but, instead a browser-based game. The game will be developed by Bandai-Namco and Tencent games and will be available on July 20!  Players can register for the Naruto game on the official website.


Oasis Games describes the game as “the very first and only Online Naruto RPG game in the world to be officially licensed from Bandai Namco Entertainment.”

Oasis Games describes more of the game:

While the game faithfully follows the story portrayed in the anime series, NARUTO Online is the only game you can continue the tale. Additionally, five brand-new characters that represent the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning will be introduced. Players can choose to become one of these characters and start a new adventure, gaining experience in a variety of different types of quests and gameplay modes.

Players can take control of their favorite characters and engage in battle in a turn-based style. Players can also enhance their abilities through a Naruto-bond system as well. The game adapts nine arcs of the original story, with familiar locations such as Village Hidden in the Sand and the Valley of the End available for players to explore. The game will also portray scenes from the original story. Oasis Games states that the game will have voice acting from the original voice actors from the anime to add to its authenticity.




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