Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s RPG and Armor Features Are in-Depth

Slated for 2017, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a period-based RPG for PC taking players back to medieval times. Since its announcement, the Warhorse Studios has reiterated time and time again that the game will feature no magic, and will be as true to life in the medieval period as possible. While I haven’t played the beta version yet, I’ve watched quite a few videos, but this newest one showing off the character and armor customization, along with other RPG elements, really brings home the idea of realism.

Dressing your character looks to be pretty central to the general play of the game, and not just simply a mechanic to make sure you’re more resilient in battle. Townspeople and shopkeepers will treat you differently depending on what you’re wearing, and possibly even think you’re a bandit if you’re wearing armor from one you’ve killed. It’s like when you first play an Elder Scrolls game and you realize, no, you can’t just pick up everything you see—that would be stealing. Kingdom Come is taking mechanics we’re all used to and making them more RPG.

Also really interesting is the layer system used for armor. Instead of simply wearing one piece for upper body, one pair of pants, gloves, etc, you’ll be layering your armor just like they did in the old days. Just watching that guy in the video struggle himself in and out of all of those heavy and clothes makes me sweaty. Nonetheless, this is a really cool feature of the game and something we haven’t seen before.

Here’s a look at all of the armor slots via this press release—

·         6 body slots (cloth, chainmail, plate, sleeves, gloves, coat/hood)
·         4 leg slots (trousers, chainmail, armor, boots) 
·         4 head slots (coif, chainmail, helmet, necklace)
·         2 jewelry slots (ring, spur)
(Weapon slots contain: weapon, shield, bow, arrow)

If you’re interested in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and want to give it a shot, you can jump on their site and check out the Beta, which released in March 2016. I don’t think all of the mechanics are present in this early version, but there’s plenty to do.

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