Joycity’s 3on3 Freestyle Set to Bring Street Ball to the PlayStation 4

Announced just today, Joycity has stated that 3on3 Freestyle will be launching at the end of Summer 2016, so we’re looking late August / Early September. We haven’t seen or heard much for that matter about the game since it was originally announced. It’s good to see that we’re finally getting some official word about the launch of the title, especially since many thought it to have been canceled.

3on3 Freestyle is also a PlayStation 4 exclusive title and will include three different modes; 3 vs 3 online play, 1 v 1 online play and 1 v 1 against the AI. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for another 3 vs 3 streetball game since the last NBA Street and that was back in 2007! Pretty sure it’s safe to say that I”m not the only one feeling the same way. And while we don’t know much about how 3on3 Freestyle plays as of yet, if it can recreate the playstyle of NBA Street, then we’re all in for a good time.