Daisuki to Offer Premium Memberships

Daisuki is soon going to be joining services such as FUNimation, Netflix an Crunchyroll in an attempt to get your money in exchange for anime content in the form of binge watching and simulcasts. The announcement was made Sunday during Anime Expo that a beta for the service will be available starting on Friday, July 8.  The service; however, is very affordable as it will only run you $5 USD per month. The fee will allow simulcasting of certain titles, eliminating the need for a one day delay that free members will experience. You will also be able to stream older titles with the premium membership as well.  They touted that there will be other special “goodies” for premium members, but no details were given at this time as to what those special perks will be.

The service is expected to launch in the United States and Canada with other territories down the line.  

Some of the anime titles that will be available to premium members were announced as well during the event.  Those titles are as follows:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
  • Round Vernian Vifam
  • Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene
  • Vegetable Fairies N.Y. Salad

The above titles are expected to be available to members starting on August 31. 

In addition, they announced that ACJ has launched an anime information site known as ANIME NOW. The site provides information on anime, including summaries and cast and staff member information, and also offers stories and articles showing behind-the-scenes information. The site also highlights legal streaming and distribution services for anime. You can visit the site by clicking here.



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