Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Planned for 2018

Wreck-It Ralph was easily one of my favorite animated films of 2012 and is in my top 10 animated films of all time. And while there were rumors of  a sequel after the original films run,we never heard anything official, that is until now. Disney announced today that Wreck-It Ralph will officially receive a sequel and it’s dated for March 9, 2018. So far the voice’s behind Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz, John Reilly and Sarah Silverman are confirmed for the follow-up, but I expect a large chunk of the original cast to follow suit. 


And while there isn’t much to go on yet, Rich Moore who served as the director behind Wreck-It Ralph, as mentioned that Ralph will somehow break the internet. This was discussed in his interview with Collider, an interview I highly recommend any fan of Wreck-It Ralph to check out. Man, I really hope they go old school and call the sequel Super Wreck-It Ralph instead of something else. A classic nod to games of old, if anything.

Now, the wait until 2018 rolls around begins.

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