We all know that there are those few select individuals that like to troll Twitch streamers while donating a large amount of money. This typically makes the Twitch stream go super happy and makes their day until that is when the money is pulled from them due to a chargeback by the person who donated the money. This is what is called a Twitch prank and it’s common, which in itself is a crappy thing to do.  More so it’s really damaging to that Twitch streamer since they’re under the assumption that the money is theirs and then they go spend it. So what happens when you do a chargeback? Right, the money goes back to the person who initiated the chargeback. So imagine you got $1,000.00 donated to you and you go out and by a lot of stuff to help your channel or what not. And then find out they money is no longer there. Not fun at all.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that someone tried it again recently, only to find out that the chargebacks was denied!

This fellow, who goes by the name of “iNexus_Ninja” has been donating amounts to several Twitch channels, equaling up to more than $50,000.00. The same tactic applied, where he would donate huge sums of money and eventually do a chargeback. However it seems, this time, the prank backfired when Paypal, the pay processor that is being used for the donations, decided they were not going to honor his request. The ensuing result is that every person he donated to was able to keep the money. Keep in mind that some streamers were donated amounts up to $5,000.00 or more.

Now, I don’t care if it was his money, his parent’s money or wherever he got it from. At the end of the day, the Twitch streamers got paid, as they should have and it goes to show that doing stuff like this will eventually catch up with. Karma was not on this kids side this time around and I suppose the saying goes “You reap what you sow”. I have zero pity for this act and hopefully, this helps stop or at least curb this from happening more. One can only hope at least, right?

Source: Livestreamfails YouTube Channel

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