Stunning Overwatch Widowmaker Artwork from Paul Kwon

No doubt that if you’re playing Blizzard’s Overwatch, you’ve either played as Widowmaker or come across someone playing as her. She’s deadly, she’s a fan favorite and yes, she’s a beauty. There are cosplays of her and even fan art, but none as superb as the one I’ve seen from Paul Kwon. 

If you’re familiar with either Blizzard Entertainment or Riot Games, then the name will definitely be familiar to you as Paul Kwon is a concept artist from Riot Games and a former artist from Blizzard Entertainment. He’s done some great work throughout the years and more recently he’s created a completely stunning piece of art, starring none other than Widowmaker. 

Yes, it’s freaking amazing! And dare I say it, Paul has a ton of work that is just as good, some even better! So be sure to check them out by hitting up his Patreon (Like I do now), Facebook and Artstation. You’ll be glad you did.


Damn, this is a damned fine piece of Widowmaker artwork. Simply Stunning!