Spider-Man/Deadpool, Issue #4 Review

Spider-Man-Deadpool (2016-) 004-000Title: Spider-Man/Deadpool, Issue #4
Author: Joe Kelly
Artists: Ed McGuinness and Mark Morales
Publisher: Marvel
Language: English
Genre: Superhero
Release Date: April 20, 2016

After seeing a glimpse of decency from Deadpool, Spider-Man decides to give Wade Wilson a chance by joining him on a double date. However, knowing Wilson, this night at the bar ends in shenanigans and the Merc-With-The-Mouth is trying to get the amazing Wall Crawler a chance to loosen up. As Deadpool is still on the road to kill Peter Parker, he does not intend to let that get in the way of his lovely friendship with Spider-Man.

During this issue, the pacing of the story and humor is slow at first, but it is radically picked up near the middle, especially after the appearance of a special guest who comes thundering in. At first, the comic seems as if it was going to be a typical guys’ night out and humorous dating ensues with Marvel characters, but that changes once the women wise up at the right time to their date’s intentions, or rather Wilson’s, which gets the boys into a reversal of objectification.

In terms of character, throughout the series, Deadpool has been trying to win the trust of the Web Slinger and through small gestures, readers can see him persisting, which appears to be working, which is satisfying to finally see the two truly bond as friends  and the night ending on lots of laughter and money thrown on stage. All the fun and bromance; however, made the ending all the more heart-wrenching, and the comic reminds the reader of Deadpool’s last mission.

The art by Ed McGuinness and Mark Morale is energetic as usual and even more expressive considering that the two “heroes” wear masks,  and the comic is played a slice of life story, it still looks dramatic in some shots, such as when Thor appears or when the boys entertain the ladies of the bar. Throughout the series, the subtext between Deadpool and Spider-Man has reigned strong and if readers look very closely at the art, then it is made even more enjoyably apparent. 

Final Word 

While it may take a while for the hilarity to kick into full swing, the payoff is, indeed, worth the wait, especially for the ladies. From the story’s perspective, the boys’ first night out as friends hits off, and it does look like things can only go up from here, but then the comic turns that enthusiasm by reminding readers that Deadpool has a job to do, resulting in a cliffhanger that will leave readers wanting more.

Superhero night at the bar!

Best night of Spider-Man's life!

Overall, it can feel as if it is taking a while to get to the actual party to start and for money to be thrown on the stage, it is a worthwhile wait as readers can see the two red-spandex wearing bros bond. If readers had fun watching the bromance come into full bloom and the shipper-fuel unfolds with the issue, then chances are comic fans will anxiously, to see the next issue as soon as possible given the ending.

  • Boys night out! Make it rain!
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