Sony Showed Off a Lot at E3 2016, but Where’s Gravity Rush 2?

During Sony’s E3 2016 conference, they sure did pull out all of the big guns, didn’t they? They released dates for games that we were waiting on and showed off a ton of cool stuff. They literally rocked the house. However, there was a certain title that I really expected them to show off or at least talk about, but they didn’t. That game is Gravity Rush 2, the follow-up to the PS Vita original, Gravity Rush.

In Gravity Rush 2, you pick up where you left off from the original, along with your friend, Ravel. Sony had originally announced Gravity Rush 2 during the 2015 Toyko Game Show, though we haven’t heard much about the title since then. Gravity Rush 2 will feature new attacks, more abilities and will be twice as big as the original title. 

Now, I’m not sure why Sony choose to not show off this gem, but the trailer for it was quietly released and it looks damned good, especially for someone who really enjoyed the first one. So, feast your eyes on the Gravity Rush 2 trailer and then wait with the rest of us, until the game is given a release date or is finally released.