Sony dropped a megaton bomb at E3 with the announcement not only of Resident Evil 7, but an exclusive demo for PS Plus users. We dove in, and here are our impressions. Bottom line: we loved it. Spooky, atmospheric. The demo sets a good tone that gets us all excited, even if it won’t be part of the final game.

However, as good as the conference was, we still have some lingering questions. For example, what is going on with Neo? Is Sony gonna follow through, or are they going back to the drawing board? Another good question: where is Rise of the Tomb Raider? All we’ve heard is “Q4 2016”, but neither Square Enix nor Sony have stepped up and given us more concrete information. We have some ideas.

Check out Mark’s impressions of the Resident Evil 7 demo right here. His play-through is right here.

As always I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas), and Mark Sullivan is your co-host (@nibelheimian). He is really good at correcting me.

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