One-Punch Man Volume 6 Review

518DB-fvQuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Title:  One-Punch Man Volume 6
Author: ONE
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 216
Genre: Shonen, Comedy, Action
Publication Date:
May 3, 2016

A major, world-threatening emergency summons all S-ranked heroes to headquarters. Saitama tags along for no real reason. At the gathering they learn that the great Seer’s prophecy, “The Earth is in Danger” is true. Will they be able to save the world, or does Saitama once again need to step in and finish up the job?


This volume is really about meeting everyone from the Class-S group.

Master Bang: Affectionately called “gramps” by Saitama. He is the owner of a dojo and has a huge following amongst other heroes. He has many students, many of whom are registered heroes that will jump to his defense at the slightest need. Supposedly he is strong enough to destroy large boulders with one punch. He brings our baldy hero along to the meeting since he believes he’ll be S-ranked one day.

Charanko: He claims to be Sensei Bang’s best disciple, but he really isn’t. Sensei Bang had one other student, but he was driven away. Charanko takes advantage of this when he states he’s the best student when in fact, he’s a bit of a joke character. He’s shown with scruffy hair and a gi. Bang often leaves him behind to watch the dojo.

Tornado: She’s another S-ranked hero, known for her sharp tongue. She’s an esper who uses her paranormal attacks to defeat monsters. Tornado tries to boot Saitama from the meeting but gets ignored.

There’s a lot more S-ranked heroes in this volume, but they’re glossed over so quickly, to list them would be no different than actually reading the volume.


The goal of the meeting is to gather the most qualified heroes to learn some unpleasant news about a famous Seer. Something has happened to her and on top of that, she made a frightening prediction. Her power was very important to the organization – she predicted earthquakes and other events that heroes were able to stop. Now they need to rely on their own brains to protect the world.

It’s a bit hard to discuss the Seer’s prediction and what follows without spoilers, so I’m going to briefly summarize while avoiding detail. An enemy unlike any we have seen before in the series settles in and a battle ensues. In fact, this might be the most serious battle yet so far. It’s as if a scene from Star Trek just dropped into the world of a manga.

Meanwhile, Saitama finds his way into the middle of the madness and does a tremendous amount of damage on the way. As it turns out, the enemy has more in common with our hero than we could imagine. Unfortunately, right after the juicy twist, we’re left at a cliffhanger that will have to wait until the next volume.


Final Word:

This volume was a bit redundant at the beginning with the introduction of all of these different heroes; however, the story really does pick up once we get past that hurdle. We finally have a battle worth following that is also worthy of Saitama’s strength. I wonder how this will pan out in the next volume, though. Will he finally get recognized by the other heroes, or will he continue to be an underdog?


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